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Joyful Creative Arts & Bee Bop Buddies, LLC

Since 1998, Bee Bop Buddies has served families across the state of Florida through the arts. The original Bee Bop Buddies Music company was created by Stacey Lorea & Mattie Mingst to educate, entertain, & encourage little ones to explore the arts.

Bee Bop Buddies, LLC & Joyful Creative Arts have now joined forces to bring joy in creating arts for all ages & abilities. Our award-winning programs now includes Expressive Arts for Seniors & Special Needs Groups, Music Therapy, Private & Group Music & Art Lessons, Preschool Music Programs, Special Events, Parties, Parent & Me Classes, Conferences & Workshops.

Today we are a growing family of all ages and abilities to discover, inspire, connect, & celebrate the arts for all of us!

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Programs, lessons, & sessions are always ready for you to start inspiring your journey to explore your creative abilities without limitations today!


Music & Art Therapy for ADHD

Have you ever wondered why music and art are so good for your mind, body and soul? Neurological researchers have found that listening to music triggers the release of several neurochemicals. Art enhances creative thinking and reduces stress which are all important to brain function and wellbeing. As a music therapist, I am true believer of the power of music. Music is not the only creative expression good for the mind, body and soul, art is equally important to maintaining health. Music and art also play an important role in all therapeutic goals. Creativity and expression can come in many forms allowing you to use your imagination, increase fine and gross motor skills, improve memory, release energy, and encourage emotional expression. Creativity also requires attention to detail, academic skills, focus, and logic. Learning an instrument is not just improving coordination of motor skills but also mental processing, being attentive, following instructions, and concentration. Just listening to music has benefits that improve your mental and physical health. When creating art and music, you are using your mind, body and soul all in harmony.

Music provides structure by learning rhythm and creating structure patterns to follow. Music motivates students to be social and release energy, an important factor in students with ADHD. Art aids students in communicating their thoughts and emotions, encouraging them to express themselves. Art also engages students to be actively involved requiring students to focus and problem solve.

So, encourage your student to learn an instrument or create a piece of art. It will not only give them the outlet they need to express their creative energy, but it will give them opportunity to share their joy!

Playing rhythm instruments are fun and encourage socialization. #ad

A variety of art supplies allows freedom of expression. #ad

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Joyful Sounds of the Season

It’s that joyful time of year to celebrate the holidays in many ways! Here at Joyful Creative Arts, we offer in home recitals for family and friends to gather around to enjoy the sounds of the season. Recitals at home can be a perfect start to your holiday festivities, neighborhood cookie exchange, or a great way to entertain the Grandparents. A holiday in home recital is easy to do and can be excellent for your child’s self -esteem, confidence, and overall improvement in performance skills for all ages and abilities. A little creativity and lots of holiday cheer can bring everyone together to celebrate the best songs of the season!

Here are a few tips to create your own in-home holiday recital. A simple keyboard can be used with a stand or put on a table, or even adding a microphone for a vocal performance can be lots of fun when singing familiar holiday songs.

Easy to use and fun prerecorded holiday songs to sing along #ad

Everyone loves to play along to jingle bells and having young children learn holiday songs by color bells is an easy way for them to learn holiday songs quickly and be able to perform independently or with assistance with confidence.

Fun easy to learn holiday songs by using color bells builds confidence and enjoyment independently! #ad

Holiday recitals don’t have to be stressful and stuffy, make it fun with an easy-to-use instrument, add lots of friends, and holiday cheer to celebrate your joyful sounds of the season!

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Giving Thanks from the Farm

The season is here for giving thanks! Children love to learn about giving thanks and what is a better way to teach giving thanks during Thanksgiving, than to teach about the farm. Not everyone is lucky enough to live close to a farm, however you can explore and learn about real animals on the farm, how vegetables grow, and using ingredients from the farm, by engaging children in sounds, textures, smells, and tastes from the farm. One of my favorite activities is singing about the farm with books and puppet shows. There are plenty of books about the farm but when you combine a puppet show with a story and song, your farm can come alive! Here are some amazing resources to use when teaching about the farm.

Another great way to engage children in exploring the farm without leaving your home is to cook foods from the farm! Kids will love learning about bringing the farm to the table by introducing eggs, milk, flour, veggies and other basic simple ingredients for an irresistible recipe. This was a great way to engage my son who had sensory issues with food textures and smells. We started with simple fun recipes with great tastes, read about all the ingredients from the farm, learned how to garden, and today as a teenager, he loves cooking up his own pumpkin pie, breads and stuffing for a very happy thanksgiving for all of us!

We hope you and your family enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving! Always remember, Bee Creative & share your JOY!

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The Countdown to Halloween Fun

It is that favorite time of year to dress up and have fun Halloween theme fun parties, treats, playtime and most of all Halloween songs and books! Engaging your child in an activity for Halloween can sometimes be a lot of fun but for some parents it can be challenging by putting on a costume, dressing up, going to trick or treating, or even being a part of a celebration or party. It was always difficult for me to bring my son to a Halloween party. Just getting him into a costume was impossible because of the tags on the clothing or parts to the material on the costume was too scratchy. Children with sensory issues may be less likely to go to a Halloween party or be part of trick or treating making it a not so fun celebration. So, adding fun to Halloween with music and books is a dream for transitioning into enjoyment of the celebration rather than the struggles!

Always begin any change or transition with a slow introduction many days ahead of the actual date of the celebration or holiday. Singing the countdown to the event is a great start! Five Little Pumpkins was a favorite activity then adding a homemade craft project brings everyone together.

Have a Pumpkin Painting Party! #ad

Use any type of cutout pumpkins to create the five little pumpkins and be creative! Decorate them, put magnets on them, or use them as ornaments by gluing down a small piece of ribbon. You can then use these craft pumpkins for a fun craft activity sing along with five little pumpkins!

Favorite Halloween Counting Book! #ad

Reading a fun story about Halloween makes it a little less scary. My favorite book to engage little ones is a pop-up pumpkin story.

Favorite Halloween Pop Up Book! #ad

Whatever you choose to make Halloween a little less scary and enjoyable for your child, always remember to have fun, BEE CREATIVE & SHARE YOUR JOY!

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St. Patrick’s Day Ideas!

The good old St. Patty’s Day is approaching and celebrating this green glorious holiday is a big deal! Here are some cute rhymes you can do with your kiddos in the classroom and at home.

I’m a Little Leprechaun
I’m a little leprechaun
Dressed in green,
The tiniest man
That you ever have seen.
If you ever catch me, so it’s told,
I’ll give you my pot of gold.
5 Green Shamrocks
1 green shamrock sitting by a shoe
he wished for a friend and then there were 2
2 green shamrocks resting by a tree
they wished for a friend and then there were 3
3 green shamrocks laying on the floor
they wished for a friend and then there were 4
4 green shamrocks going for a drive
they wished for a friend and then there were 5
Out came the Leprechaun and asked if he could play
So they played and the danced on St. Patrick’s Day!


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Colorful Music

Did you know that taking music lessons as a child can increase not only your academic achievements, but attention span, fine motor coordination, social skills, communication, and overall student performance levels. Lessons in piano, an instrument, or learning to sing has proven to be a factor in achieving high test scores in academics.

As a Music Therapist I find myself always exploring my options to create better methods to help others express themselves through the arts. When you learn an instrument you gain a sense of pride and accomplishment. Music and the arts not only encourages creativity and imagination, but it elicits emotions, expression, and a sense of being free. You can create your own world through color whether it is on the paper or in music.

The best way to teach young learners or someone who may need assistance in learning music through a different technique is to use a color chart. Each note is a color and you can either create your own color chart to represent each note or you can buy a great beginner book on A beginner piano book that has colors, stickers and familiar songs can encourage young learners to explore learning the piano while being creative with color. Another way to explore creativity through musical notation is to create your own guide or have the student build their own song using this method. Each student can be proud of their work and discover that learning notes and an instrument never has to be discouraging again!

Color Piano and Keyboard Stickers and Complete Color Note Piano Music Lesson and Guide Book for Kids and Beginners; Designed and Printed in USA

Creating your own music with a colorful music chart!
Playing his own composition at age 4
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Summer Fun

It’s been a few weeks since we posted on the blog and it’s just because it’s SUMMER and we are out and about having fun!

Here are a few of the fantastic things we have been doing with our friends and families over Summer vacation… Maybe you can do them too!

1- Impromptu Summer concert

The kiddos and I gathered all of the pots and pans, percussion instruments and the Karaoke machine to entertain the family with our own summer concert! We played popular songs such as Adele’s” Rolling in the Deep” to Bruno Mars ” Lazy Song”. We also had some originals and improv talking mostly about our summer activities!

2- Beach Find Musical Wind Chimes

We have spent some great days at the beach this summer and have picked great treasures from the sea! We took our finds home and painted them, glittered them and strung them to make beautiful wind chimes for our garden!

3- Summer Concert Series

Many towns and cities have midweek- evening summer concerts in the park. We take our lawn chairs and some refreshing snacks and enjoy the various styles of music each week offers. My kids love rock and roll and blues, so it’s not often they are bored at one of these events. We take bubbles to blow as we dance around and glow sticks for night time. A must do if you have a chance to in your town!

4- Learn an Instrument

Summer is the perfect time to learn something new. Mh daughter started learning the guitar. I’m her teacher and we have lots of fun doing it together. If you can’t teach your own child an instrument, you can look for lessons at your cities parks and Rec department or search for private instructors.
Another option is learning on your own via YouTube and many great Apps.

We also started learning to play piano by using the Glow Piano Lesson App for Ipad.

There are so many fun things to do when the days are long and the weather is hot and fun. We hope you enjoyed your summer so far and that you had music all along the way 🙂




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NICU MOM…A Personal Story


Hello friends. I know we usually share music related fun, but I really want to share my personal story as my family was selected the 2013 Ambassador Family for the Miami Chapter of March of Dimes. We are happy to help make a difference in the lives of so many Babies who are fighting for their lives in the NICU. Hopefully our story will inspire people to walk at their local walks, make a donation on our team page or on the National March of Dimes page and ultimately put an end to premature births!

Here is our Story:

I did everything right during my pregnancy and then suddenly without warning contractions in the middle of the night.

Inexperienced and unaware of what I was feeling, I waited for it to pass, until the pain was to much to bare and my husband rushed me to the hospital were we found out that I was in active labor. I was given all possible medications to stop the labor from progressing.
But it didn’t work, our son Nicolas came into the world weighing a mere 1lb, 2 ounces. It was the scariest of times and the happiest of times. Our little gift was here, but he was fighting for his life.
He was whisked to the NICU – where doctors told us his chance for survival was low and the only thing they promised is that the road ahead would be a roller coaster of emotions.
Twenty-one emotional days we spent in the NICU next to our little baby. He was in an incubator provided by the March of Dimes. He had tubes, lines, masks, beeping monitors all over and around him. He fought as hard as he could but he and went into cardiac arrest twice and was shocked back to life.
On May 5, 2004, 21 days after he was born to early for this world, Nicolas passed away on a quiet sunny morning. He passed away on my husband’s 29th Birthday. He was free and we were devastated.
That weekend was Mother’s Day. It was a day of heavy emotions. My family was scared to celebrate not sure how I would feel about this day. But I was THANKFUL!
Thankful for the gift of modern technology, research, advanced medical procedures and the March of Dimes I was able to say proudly “ I AM A MOTHER.” My baby was gone, but I was a mother. I was able to touch and kiss and sing to my child and no one can ever take that away from me. I was given the gift of time. Time to be the best mom to the most beautiful baby. This gift was made possible by the March of Dimes.

A year later, we were blessed with the birth of our daughter Maggie. She was born at 34 weeks – a full pregnancy is 40 weeks – again, with no warning sign or real reason as of why I was in preterm labor.
She weighed a whopping 7 lbs, even though she was 6 weeks early! However size didn’t matter came to her development. She had difficulty breathing and eating ultimately requiring immediate admission into the NICU into another incubator from the March of Dimes.

This time we were lucky. There is a big difference of being born between 24 and 34 weeks, and after a week in the NICU, we were able to bring a beautiful baby girl home.
Then there’s my baby Leo.
At 26 weeks gestation I began feeling contractions. This time I knew what was happening. I knew the signs and symptoms of premature labor.
They treated me and my OBGYN decided to put me on bed rest and ordered Metria Health System to do constant In Home Monitoring. I had a catheter in my leg, a monitor around my belly. They tracked my situation real time and kept in constant contact. This went on for 3 months but it saved Leo’s life!

He was born on March 13, 2007 via C- section weighing in at 9lbs.
When they brought him to me after recovery I did not know what to do. I had never had a baby come into my arms after being born. The NICU was all we knew. Baby Leo was FULL TERM and he was PERFECT!

Maggie and Leo today are Strong and healthy beautiful children thanks to the March of Dimes and YOU!

We will always miss our Nicolas but will always be thankful to you for walking in March for Babies. For raising funds needed for research so babies can survive, for helping to support education so that women like me know the sign and symptoms of preterm labor, and for advocating for the health of all babies.

We urge you to Be You Best for Babies. For babies, like Nicolas, Maggie and Leo and for babies who are fighting for their lives in the NICU tonight.

I sing a song of joy everyday! Thankful for what I have and what I have lived.

OUR ANGEL Nicolas- 1lb born 24 weeks


Maggie 7 lb born 34 weeks


Leo 9 lb! 39 weeks!



Happy Family!

Our NICU Story– Click to See our Video

Children's Music

Making Rainbows on a Gloomy Day!

Bee Bop Buddies 012 It’s that time of year again when the weather is cold and the kids are cooped up all morning in the classroom.  What to do when there’s limited space?  A great option is kid’s yoga!  After a long day at school or even to get your morning circle going yoga is a great outlet for all that energy.  There are some great resources on the web and you tube that you can use but it really only requires a little bit of imagination.  In our preschool music classes, the children use their imagination to explore anything from sounds to sights. Using their creative energy and inspiring ideas is what makes our music and story adventures come alive.  Since the cold weather and gloomy sky has been hanging on, we decided to add a colorful rainbow story to introduce the colors for Valentine’s Day but this can be used for any gloomy day.

We had the children use their imagination and find out what are the colors in their neighborhood and sang “What are the Colors in Our Neighborhood.” As the kids picked out each color I had them use colorful foam sheets to make a rainbow on the floor.  We then took color ribbons and pretended to paint a rainbow while listening to our song called “Let’s All Paint a Rainbow!”  By the time we used our imagination to pretend paint the room the kids had smiles on their faces and forgot about that gloomy day!  Once we finished it was time to settle down and have a seat on a colorful foam piece that also happens to make a fabulous mini yoga mat.

Have each child then find their own space on their mini yoga mat and turn the lights down low.  I played the “Rainbow Connection” version by Sarah McLaughlin and guided them through the steps of making a beautiful rainbow by stretching up and reaching for the clouds.  You can then have the kids imagine the rain coming down and swaying in the wind.  As the rain stops the kids stretch from side to side creating the sun coming up and creating a beautiful rainbow that reaches high in the sky.  The kids loved it and so did the teachers!  By the end of the class the children were mellow and the sun actually came out to brighten the room.  AHHHHHH! Namaste.

Post image for Rainbow Dancing